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The Tactical Network provides a digital platform to integrate the efforts of all who are devoted to promoting peace and security, including law enforcement, military, security professionals, and responsible citizens. Together we can make this world a safer place.

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Select the best combination of arms and equipment for your mission set.


Learn from the leading tactical, operational and strategic experts.


Put your skills into practice in government service, private security or competition.​


The Armory provides an optimal solution for selecting the best weapons and equipment for your mission set. The armory hand-picks the best vendors in the industry and integrates their products with detailed reviews and training materials.


The Academy provides a digital platform, delivering world-class training from subject-matter-experts at every level: tactical, operational and strategic. Training utilizes cutting edge, multimedia technology to help you achieve optimum performance.

Ready Room

The Ready Room offers the avenue to put your skills to use. Connect with SOF, military or law enforcement recruiters. Promote your capabilities to find private security contracts. Sign up for competitions or events to test your skills.

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