Tactical Network Cadre companies provide a growing and diverse selection of integrated training, products and services covering many areas of the tactical industry. The broad expertise of the Cadre offers Tactical Network users and Formation members effective, multi-dimensional solutions to any security problem or training requirement.

The Hoffman Group

Dr. Bruce Hoffman and senior veterans from the intelligence community uniquely address the educational and operational needs of military, law enforcement and private security in the fight against terrorism.

Team One Network

Team One is a network of internationally recognized instructors, providing the most current, up-to-date and technologically advanced training/services available, particularly focused on the law enforcement community.

Jack Cambria

Jack Cambria, a 33-year police veteran who recently retired as the NYPD’s longest-standing Hostage Negotiation Team Commander, shares the skills used by hostage negotiators in defusing crisis situations.

Hybrid Defense Academy

The Hybrid Defense Academy offers in-person and online courses for senior executives; civilian, military and academic leaders, focused on analyzing the multiple domains of hybrid warfare worldwide and developing ways for countering their malign influence.

Ragged Edge Solutions

Ragged Edge Solutions is a team of combat-veteran special operations professionals and medical doctors. We develop and deliver unique, ground-breaking training for government, law enforcement, emergency services and civilians, based on extensive operational experience in some of the worst places in the world.

Special Tactics

Special Tactics provides the world’s only tactical training manuals and and digital resources with hundreds of clear, full-color pictures, diagrams, animations, presentations and interactive resources.

Rick Stauber EOD

Rick Stauber is a retired Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician with over 43 years of experience including direct support of Tier-1 Special Operations Units and the Presidential Security Detail.

Potomac Foundation

The Potomac Foundation is an independent nonprofit research organization dedicated to improving the quality of public discourse, defense policy formulation, and post-Cold War defense economics.

Rustick Knives

Rustick Knives is a one-man shop run by Jack Stottlemire, a 27 year US Marine, Army Paratrooper and Special Operations Soldier retiring as a Sergeant Major at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Kilo One

Military Free Fall is Our Thing. 

Phase 5


Phase 5 products allow people all over the world to perform an extremely dangerous job, perform it extremely well, and make it back home at the end of the day.

The Unconventional

Our team plans, tailors, and executes the most unconventional and effective delivery of language, culture, and regional expertise training in the industry, serving special operations, conventional military and law enforcement clients.

K9 Federal

Founding member of the Secret Service K9 Unit Bill Shegogue and his staff integrate combat-proven training and handling techniques with innovative new technologies.

Alston Strategic

Former Commander of the 20th Air Force C. Donald Alston provides expert consulting services on strategic planning, institutional innovation, crisis management and nuclear deterrence.

Baker Ballistics


Baker Ballistics shields are considered to be among the best life-saving types of protective equipment ever designed – now in use, protecting thousands of LE, military, and security personnel worldwide.

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