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Dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement and Military by providing training for one single overwhelming objective, Officer survival by training to win!

Team One Network Courses

Shoot House Instructor Re-Certification Course

Shoot house training provides officers with the ability to hone their shooting skills under realistic, high-stress conditions. This re-certification course offers a refresher in the tools necessary to build a shoot house program and improve their fellow officers shooting skills.

Low-Light/Laser Instructor Re-Certification Course

This course is designed for LEO Firearms Instructors to instruct their officers to gain skills and develop an ability to win a confrontation during low light situations. This course will explore the tactical advantages of multiple lighting systems and techniques. 

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Mechanical Breaching Instructor Re-Certification Course

The breacher, like all other specialty team members, must be given the training that ensures he is proficient and therefore successful during actual operations. The primary objective of this program is to provide students with a working knowledge of manual breaching tools and techniques. 

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