• 4 Modules

    Hostage Negotiation Basic Course

    This online digital course covers the fundamental skills of a successful hostage/crisis negotiator and is designed to complement the five-day basic hostage negotiation in-person course.  This online course is an abridged/simplified version of the full, in-person course. After taking this course you will be prepared to work as part of a coordinated negotiation team and handle a variety of crisis situations including hostage takers, barricaded subjects, and potential suicidal victims.
  • 6 Modules

    Shoot House Instructor Re-Certification Course

    Shoot house training provides officers with the ability to hone their shooting skills under realistic, high-stress conditions. This re-certification course offers a refresher in the tools necessary to build a shoot house program and improve their fellow officers shooting skills.

  • 3 Modules

    Two Person VIP Protection

    The Two-Person VIP Protection course is currently in development and is available in early-access format for Special Tactics Elite Members only. While the graphics, sounds, and activities in this course may not be finalized or polished, the course content is very close to what will appear in the complete course.