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CWD Klara


June 14, 2007

Departed this life on

July 1, 2019


German Shepherd




8 years

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K9 Hero Haven

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“K9 Hero Haven is a 100% volunteer organization. K9 Hero Haven is dedicated to serving the military, veterans, and first responders by providing working dogs a home for retirement. The K-9s employed with the military and first responders are the best at what they do. They are expected to work in the most toughest of environments and face the harshest of conditions. At any moment, they are expected to selfishly give their live to save ours.


K9 Hero Haven helps to transition dogs to retirement. If at all possible, we want to re-unite a dog with its handler. We give preference to provide veterans and law enforcement with retired working dogs in honor of their sacrifices. We strive to educate the public on the roles that these dogs place in our world, and to highlight the level of training which goes into to these dogs never to forget the dedication to their service in keeping us safe from danger.  


We work hard to find good homes for our dogs. We also work to provide dignity and respect to the dogs who need some additional work to prepare them for their journey to retirement.”  


A message from her adopters, Dan and Jill Traver, on 2 July 2019:
We lost a very good dog last night, and Jill and I wanted to tell you a bit about her extraordinary career and her peaceful retirement. Klara spent her first eight years in Iraq, working for the US Army. We don’t know many details about her service, but her adoption paperwork told us that she was an EDD – our girl found bombs.


In April 2016, we met her outside a Denny’s in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Thanks to an old friend, we got connected with K9 Hero Haven. They met us halfway and handed us her leash. We cannot possibly thank them enough for what they did, and what they continue to do for other dogs like Klara.


We were immediately gobsmacked by Klara’s intelligence, energy, and enthusiasm. She quickly became Dan’s shadow, and he loved to watch her lose her mind when he grabbed her leash and asked if any dog wanted to go for a walk. She made him laugh every time he caught her reflection in the side view mirror, eyes wide and cheeks flapping in the wind. She made him smile whenever she broke into a full run, ears tucked back and legs flying everywhere.


Klara initially questioned why Jill was trying to take away her time with Dan, but through an agility training class, they forged a bond. The trainer once attempted to throw a chew toy, mistakenly lifting it over Jill’s head. Klara thought he was going to hit her, and a second later, a 200 pound grown man found himself slung to the floor. Klara plopped down by Jill’s side, with her characteristic and expectant “did I do a good job?” look on her face. We deduced that the Army may have also trained her in personal protection. Jill loved the mornings they had to themselves, where Klara would curl into her legs like the back half of parentheses.


All we wanted was to give Klara the good Florida retirement she deserved. She began every one of those mornings like a five year old greets Christmas. A workday morning alarm was a source of joy for Klara, because it meant running to both sides of the bed for pets, circling legs while her people got dressed, running downstairs with Jill for food, and then clamoring back upstairs to see what was taking Dan so long. Her joy immediately made every day better than it otherwise would have been.


When Klara was happy, she plastered her ears to her head. When she was anxious and wondering if she was doing a good job, she squeaked. When she found the perfect spot to lie down, she sighed like an old lady reclining a Lazyboy. When someone scratched her ears or rubbed her nose, you could swear her smile almost split her face.


Dan called her a Ferrari with 300,000 miles on her, and she broke down a bit in the last year. But all the way until her last day, which ended quickly and without much pain, she greeted the morning like Christmas and made us happy. We will miss her very much. You did a good job, Klara.

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Tactical Field