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CWD Shippy


May 18, 2008

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October 21, 2019

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CWD Shippy (AKA Craze) served with her handler, Don, for several years in Iraq. She was an amazing working dog and tested with 100 percent proficiency as an Explosive Detector Dog (EDD).


CWD Shippy was adopted by her handler and enjoyed some time together before he passed away. CWD Craze then lived with her handler’s father.


K9 Hero Haven was contacted to help with CWD Craze when the handler’s father needed to moved to assisted living.


Craze became an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven attending many events, including going to Vermont. “She was simply the best dog you could ever ask for. She would most likely be found by my side and if we separated, she would let everyone know she didn’t approve … she could be quite vocal when she wanted to be,” said Anne Gibbs founder of K9 Hero Haven.


“She was very vehicle protective. She let everyone know that they didn’t need to reach inside it for any reason. She could be a little spitfire which is how she got the nickname, Craze.”


After being diagnosed with a cancerous mass on her liver and spleen it was advised to let her go by veterinarians.


“So I did one of the hardest things I have done since that day I picked her up … I let her go to where she wouldn’t suffer or be in pain. She passed laying by my side.”


Craze departed this life in the loving arms of Anne Gibbs on Monday, 21 October 2019.

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K9 Hero Haven

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“K9 Hero Haven is a 100% volunteer organization. K9 Hero Haven is dedicated to serving the military, veterans, and first responders by providing working dogs a home for retirement. The K-9s employed with the military and first responders are the best at what they do. They are expected to work in the most toughest of environments and face the harshest of conditions. At any moment, they are expected to selfishly give their live to save ours.


K9 Hero Haven helps to transition dogs to retirement. If at all possible, we want to re-unite a dog with its handler. We give preference to provide veterans and law enforcement with retired working dogs in honor of their sacrifices. We strive to educate the public on the roles that these dogs place in our world, and to highlight the level of training which goes into to these dogs never to forget the dedication to their service in keeping us safe from danger.  


We work hard to find good homes for our dogs. We also work to provide dignity and respect to the dogs who need some additional work to prepare them for their journey to retirement.”