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K9 Slider


February 19, 2015


11 years old

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K9 Slider served five years in the Thibodaux Police Department before retiring in October 2012. Previously he was a personal dog for a K9 handler for the North Little Rock Police Department in Arkansas.


K9 Slider was deployed 289 times while with Thibodaux Police — 200 for narcotics and 89 involving tracking and apprehensions. His work led to 145 narcotics arrests and $133,880 worth of seizures. In February 2008, K9 Slider found black cocaine, which is the drug mixed with substances to keep it from being detected. It was the first black cocaine case in the state involving a K9.


On February 19, 2015 K9 Slider was euthanized after battling kidney and bladder infections.


Belgian Malinois




Chris Bourg


Thibodaux Police Department

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Tactical Field

Law Enforcement

Tactical Experience

289 K9 Deployments:

* 200 Narcotics Searches; resulting in 145 Narcotics cases

$1,374 in Weapon Seizures, $35, 570 in Vehicle Seizures, $38,787 in Currency Seizures, and $58, 149 in Narcotics Seizures = $133,880 in TOTAL Seizures

* 89 Criminal Deployments; resulting in 37 Tracks and 38 Criminal Apprehensions


Dual certified in patrol and narcotics

Awards, Honors and Achievements

* Three time employee of the month

* Nominee for employee of the year 2008 & 2010

* 7th Place NNDDA Narcotics Nationals, 2008

* Top K9 team, 2009

* 1st Place Region 3 NNDDA Patrol Competition, 2009

* 1st place NNDDA Region 2 Competition, 2011