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    July 31, 2018 at 12:44 am

    In competition pistol shooting flash sight picture is one of the most important skills to have in order to get accurate rounds on target quickly. The concept is instead of doing the traditional acquire your sights and front sight focus, use the sights as a reference point your track under fire for targets 10 yards and in. The human brain is very quick to recognize images, the image of the sights on the target can be registered far faster than the eyes can focus on a point in space. When we front sight focus in order to take a very precise shot or a shot at far distance we are held back by the time it takes the eyes to adjust to the single focus point the front sight. Working to make the front sight very clear can produce a very clean sight picture desirable in precision shooting, however in close quarters the accuracy requirement is not always to the same extent and shooters would rather fast effective rounds on target. This past weekend, a friend of mine that I attended the U.S. Naval Academy together came to visit me in order to get some performance shooting training. My friend is an active duty Marine Infantry Officer who does a lot of personal firearms training. I have coached him electronically before and he has strong weapons handling skills and great shooting fundamentals (50/50 on Dot Torture Test). I started him off at the 5 yard line and asked him to place a quick shot into the Alpha Zone of a USPSA/IPSC target, what he preceded to do was draw his pistol out of his holster in under a second and then acquire is front sight, focus and break the shot. A perfect center “A” zone hit. His overall time was right under 2 seconds, 1.90 exactly. I then told him to repeat the drill but this time as soon as he saw the outline of his sights on the target to break the shot, not to wait for the front sight to become clear. He repeated the drill and made a first round A zone hit in 1.04 seconds. He almost shaved off a whole second from his total time. The rest of the day was spent demonstrating the flash sight picture concept at various distances and over multiple targets. Even at a distance of 25 to 30 yards I was able to adopt a hybrid flash sight picture to make fast follow up shots into the “A” zone without having to have long dwell times between shots. As soon as the visual cue of the front and rear sights settle in alignment, I break the shot. Many shooters become very skilled at very close unsighted fire and also precision sight picture, thus I believe training to develop a shooters ability to adapt a flash sight picture is one of the best ways to progress his or her ability to shoot fast and accurate. Training to a flash sight picture under adrenaline is also a great way to combat the tendency of some shooters to point shoot at room clearing distances which in a shoothouse with teammates in close proximity to each other could have disastrous effects. Linked below is a video by the Youtube channel Lucky Gunner that explains in great visual detail the Flash Sight Picture concept:


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