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    November 19, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Recently I started shooting Multigun, specifically in the 2 Gun Division which is rifle and pistol. The organization that hosts the discipline is United Sports Shooting Leagues or USSL. In that organization is United Multigun League (UML). Which has the divisions: 3 gun (Heavy, Tactical Optics, Open), PCC, 2 Gun, 2 x 4. The defining characteristic of 3 gun is the incorporation of Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol with at least two per stage. Like USPSA, there are divisions within 3 gun. Tactical Optics is the most common division and requires the shotgun to be tube fed with iron sights, a pistol with iron sights, and only one magnified/powered optic for the rifle. For my initial foray into multigun I chose to shoot 2 Gun which is rifle and pistol since I don’t own a shotgun yet. The Rifle and pistol fall under Tactical Optics rules. The stage setups are very similar to USPSA with the difference being the scoring and the incorporation of long range steel targets to challenge the rifle portion of each stage. Here is a link to a recent match I shot: 2 Gun .

    The big takeaway is that the sport is really fast. Neutralizing a paper target is accomplished by either two hits on paper or one A zone hit. For convenience sake, people generally just engage each paper twice really fast. The overall time on the shot timer is then recorded and any penalties for failure to neutralize or failure to engage are added to the overall time for the stage. The stage winner is given 100 percent and then everyone else is compared to his time. For instance, if the stage winner finishes the stage in 20 seconds and I finish in 25 seconds my score would be 75 percent since I have finished a whole 25 percent slower than the winner. After the match conclusion, all the stages in the match are then averaged together and the person with the highest average wins the match.

    Bottom line: Multigun like the other action shooting sports IDPA and USPSA is a benefit to any shooter. Like the other leagues, it doesn’t focus on tactics but instead creates complicated shooting challenges that breeds a level of marksmanship that is truly world class. Combined with tactical training, multigun in any of its forms is a great training tool that will ensure you stay at the top of an marksmanship qualification.

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