Practical way to train Night Vision Shooting

  • Practical way to train Night Vision Shooting

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    July 31, 2018 at 1:34 am

    Shooting with night vision presents a unique challenge in the way that one aims with night vision. With head mounted NVGs it is not feasible to try and aim down the weapons optics or iron sights. To make up for this, a weapon mounted Infrared Laser/illuminator combo is used. In order to aim many people shoulder their rifles and look over there day optic using the active Laser/illuminator to aim their rifle. The ability to place an IR laser pointer directly on a target quickly and accurately is a skill to be developed and I’ve found by observing new shooters is not natural. Even at close distance, when shooters engage their IR lasers they often over shoot or under shoot the laser and have to spend a second or two correcting their laser placement. To add, the expensiveness and exclusivity of NVGs and IR Lasers makes it hard to train these skills outside of planned night shooting training events. I believe a great alternative that can build the target acquisition skills with an IR laser is to get a visible laser attachment for your training rifle and dry fire practice setting the laser on the target with your rifle presentation. The goal is to maintain laser discipline and not shine the laser unnecessarily since laser pointers can become very distracting to others if constantly on and could give away you position if the adversary possesses Night Vision Technology of any sort. After you become comfortable with this exercise, go to the range and practice shooting with the visible laser and tracking the laser on a target or multiple targets while performing strings of rapid fire. With some practice, aiming with a laser will be like aiming with a red dot and become instinctive. Some IR/Illuminator units have some kind of visible red or green laser setting as well. These would be great to train with since you can train with your actual duty weapon, granted you can access your duty rifle and laser for training purposes. The linked video is one of myself (on the left) doing IR Laser shooting drills against an ATF lead weapons instructor (FLETC). Notice how accurate laser placement on target allows him to engage quickly:


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