Reading books before they are published

  • Reading books before they are published

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    August 4, 2018 at 8:16 am

    The internet is changing the way that people write books.

    In the old days, we couldn’t start reading a book until it had been published. These days, however, some authors use websites to publish their source materials, notes, illustrations, and working documents.

    A great example of this is “The Crusader Project, which provides a showcase for many of the elements that will eventually form part of a book about “Operation Crusader” (18 November–30 December 1941), a British attempt, made during the campaign in the Western Desert during the Second World War, to defeat the forces of Erwin Rommel and end the siege of Tobruk.

  • ststaff

    August 5, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Thank you for the comments Bruce. It is interesting you would bring up that concept because it is similar to what we are trying to do here. The “Early Access” courses will all eventually become full courses and books, but by that time we will have a lot of useful user-feedback from a lot of smart people from within the network and the book will be that much better. Also, we will definitely check out “The Crusader Project.” We think that the Western Desert campaign is a great case-study that receives far to little attention from historians. We think it is particularly interesting because it took place early in the war and you are better able to see the mistakes, growing pains and early attempts at innovation. Studying an army in Normandy that had already spent 3-5 years learning and refining the art of war is useful and interesting. However, we think it can be even more useful to study an army at the outset of a conflict, when it is less prepared and faced with far more uncertainty. So thank you again for the suggestion. We look forward to seeing more on “Tactics in History” soon.

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