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Non-Reg Single-Room Clear Without Entry



The first thing you should learn in single-person CQB is how to safely clear a room without entering the room or “clear without entry.” Unlike in team operations, as a single-person you will often avoid entering a room if you do not have to, in order to minimize your exposure and maximize your personal safety. This means you will clear the room (as much as possible) from the outside and avoid getting drawn into a fight with adversaries who might possess superior numbers and weapons. By remaining outside of a room you make it easier to break contact with the adversary and create distance if needed.

Rooms generally fall into two categories: center-fed and corner-fed. A center-fed room is a room where the door is in the center of the wall, allowing you to move either left or right when entering the room. A corner-fed room is a room where the door is flush with the corner of the room, allowing you to turn only one direction when entering the room. Note that a room where the door is very close to the corner but is not completely flush with the corner is still considered a corner-fed room.