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  1. Okay it says sign up for Resilience WODS and I can’t figure out if I’ve done that, or not…? 🙂 But at least I’m trying!

    1. I think Day One is 11/7- we have to sign up for the stuff, and read the intro, etc… so day two would be today, 11/8… by my calculations anyway… lol (insert shrug emoji!)

  2. 11/8/18 Day two (though now that I’m reading it- didn’t we do this on 11/7 in class? Am I supposed to be on Day 3 already? lol) at my desk.

  3. All,
    Sorry about the confusion. Day was was yesterday. You should be receiving an email with the correct WOD each day. Thank you for your effort.

  4. I’m behind because we went out of town, but I’m catching up. Just did Day 3 (again because it’s showing I didn’t complete it) and working on Day 4-7 next.

  5. Day 6 you asked us to share a photo of our mantra- I don’t see how to do that? And I was going to cheat and just share a photo of the mantra I chose, not my 3×5 card. lol

  6. Day Thirteen. I’m always intrigued by “personality tests.” And I’m aware that how I answer them today could possibly be very different from how I will answer them a month from now. 🙂

  7. Completed up to Day 9. Here is day 10:

    Family reunion
    – This happened because I took time off to be able to see everyone.
    – I could do this more and enjoy my leave.
    Comedy show
    -This happened because I was invited to celebrate my girlfriend’s mom’s birthday.
    -Not sure how I could make this happen more, but it was nice to spend time with her family.
    Road trip w/ girlfriend
    -We decided to take a scenic route on our way back from the reunion.
    -This is something that we want to do more because we like traveling and seeing new places.

  8. Day 12: I think number 4 would be the best area to improve on. People get self centered and its important to consider others as well.

  9. Day 20 (dashboard): I noticed that after the Holiday weekend I was lagging a little. I was dragging when it came to having motivation to run errands, do things around the house, or even work out. I noticed that this was primarily because of my diet and how I was disregarding what I was putting in my body. This has always been an indicator I was aware of, but I need to start listening to it sooner when I see it because it is a lot easier to adjust back to the “green” portion of the dashboard when I catch myself slipping earlier on.

  10. still having a bit of trouble getting the daily’s to register. agree with cody on the last hard to stay motivated. change what I put in my body and things get better.

  11. Day 14, for the Mantra, I used the questions #1&6 from 2 days ago.

    1.I lead a purposeful and meaningful life.
    6.I am a good person and live a good life.

    My mantra definitely didn’t take the full 8 count and I’m getting a bit short of breath at this moment in life. However, I was able to redirect my mind back to the Mantra soon after it began to wander. I’m easily distracted by the daily “noise” of life while at my desk.