Two-Person VIP Protection (Online Course)


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The Two-Person VIP Protection course is currently in development and is available in early-access format for Special Tactics Elite Members only. While the graphics, sounds and activities in this course may not be finalized or polished, the course content is very close to what will appear in the finalized course.

We provide early access content to our elite members for two main reasons. First, members can benefit by getting an early look at course materials. Second, Special Tactics can benefit from getting real-time member feedback on the course content, user experience,  and presentation. Therefore, we encourage members to offer both positive and negative feedback on early-access courses, editing suggestions, corrections, ideas for improvements and specific requests for course content/subjects.

The Two-Person VIP Protection course will help fill a growing gap in protection tactics since current tactics mostly focus on a full, multi-vehicle protective detail. While top-level government officials might have the resources to support a full-sized detail, the vast majority of protection clients (local government officials, business executives, public figures, education/religious institutions) have to manage with only one or two guards at a time. This course provides field proven tactics for protecting a VIP with only two guards. The course will include the following subjects…

  • Site/Compound Security (Coming soon)
  • Mobile Security (Some modules available now)
  • Venue Security (Some modules available now)
  • Protection CQB (Some modules available now)
  • Weapon disarm techniques (Coming soon)
  • Armed and unarmed control techniques (Coming soon)


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