The Ready Room is where you put your skills and equipment to use and is the final step of the Tactical Network’s arm-train-deploy pipeline. It aligns your equipment and training selections towards real-world goals and objectives aimed either at service to the nation, professional development, or personal improvement. The Ready Room also hosts the site-wide blog, keeping you up to date with the latest news and trends in the community.

Recruiter's Link

Connect with military, law enforcement and government recruiters to serve your country and community.

Job Board

You can both post jobs/openings and apply for jobs or private security contracts. 

Event Calendar

Sign up for events, competitions or races to test your skills and add milestones to your training.

The Tacnet Blog

The Ready Room hosts the site-wide blog, including  articles from all companies and groups on the site. Check in to see the latest news, discussions, opinions, articles and tips from the tactical community.